Integration programme

Programme steps

Request to be registered in the Register for Foreigners
If you are registered in the register of foreigners of a Brussels municipality, the municipality in question will examine whether or not you must follow an integration programme.

Investigation by the municipality
They will check whether you belong to the target group on the basis of three legal conditions and whether you may qualify for an exemption according to the national register.

Issue of information brochure and certificate of obligation
If it is determined that you are required to do so, the municipality will issue an information brochure and a certificate of obligation to follow an integration programme for newcomers in Brussels.

Deadline of 6 months to register with  BON or BAPA 
You must enrol at BON or a BAPA within six months after receiving the certificate. BON or the BAPA will issue a certificate of registration.

Deadline of 18 months to complete the integration programme. 
You must have completed the integration programme within 18 months after registration. BON or the BAPA will issue a certificate of programme completion.

You must provide the municipality in which you reside with the certificates of registration and programme completion. This can be done through BON or the BAPA, in person at the municipality offices or by email. Your municipality’s e-mail address can be found on the certificate of obligation.