Integration programme


BAPA’s French-language integration programme for newcomers in Brussels.

Have you just arrived in Brussels? Is everything new to you? Do you want to find your way around more easily and quickly? BAPA’s free integration programme is just the thing for you!


You attend an integration programme when it is convenient for you within the deadline for programme completion. You can choose the timetable that is most convenient for you, during the day or evening, depending on the course times available.

The programme helps you to better understand Belgian society so that you can more easily become a part of it.

The principal difficulties faced by people when they arrive in a foreign country are: firstly the country's language, secondly knowledge of the country itself, thirdly housing and fourthly knowledge of the public institutions. With the integration programme you acquire a lot of information that enables you to integrate into society thanks to knowledge of the French language, of the host country’s institutions and of the traditions and lifestyles that are usual in that society.


When you register at one of the reception offices you will be welcomed by a staff member in a language you can speak.

The integration programme is free of charge and consists of two stages:

Stage one is the initial reception. You will be welcomed individually by a member of staff who will issue you with a certificate of registration. During this first stage you will be given:

  • a social assessment to assess your skills and needs for social and integration support to help you participate fully in local life in Belgium;
  • a language assessment to assess your knowledge of French and to direct you, if needed, to a language course at the appropriate level designed to increase your opportunities in society, such as for finding a job and understanding the necessary procedures;
  • 10 hours of information on your rights and obligations in Belgium as stated in the Constitution and information on a number of areas useful for settling into your new life: housing, healthcare, employment and training, schooling, mobility, etc.

You will then receive an initial stage one certificate of attendance  attendance and you will be asked to sign an agreement that sets out your support and training needs.

Stage two is detailed in an agreement and can include:

  • individual support and socio-professional guidance adapted to your needs for a maximum of one year. A social assistant will assist you in completing administrative formalities and seeking
  • finding suitable training or employment,
  • enrolling your children at a school,
  • recognition of your diplomas,
  • finding leisure activities,
  • any questions regarding your residence status and obtaining Belgian nationality, etc.

French lessons:
up to CEFR level A1 or A2 (European standard) depending on your profile and needs (between 150 and 500 hours), given by specialised external partners;

  • Citizenship training (min. 50 hours) to familiarise you with life in Brussels and Belgium: this takes a closer look at areas first addressed in the information module on rights and obligations, as well as providing information on history and geography, Belgium’s political and institutional organisation, the employment market and social relations in Belgium. This operates as a place for dialogue, with external visits to meet the various cultures that make up Brussels society.


At the end of this programme you will receive a programme completion certificate or stage two certificate of attendance.


Our various reception offices also offer activities to meet your needs and wishes, such as psycho-social support, workshops and training. Visit their websites or contact BAPA for further information.

There are three reception offices for newcomers that run French-language integration programmes:

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